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About Our Stock

Where does your collection come from?

We personally travel across Asia to hand pick all the items you see here. We travel to most countries in East and South East Asia for about 4 months out of the year, buying directly from families and collectors, paying mutually agreed upon fair wages upfront. The pieces are all ethically obtained.

Why don’t you have ivory pieces for sale?

Although ivory used to be a material often used in traditional Asian artwork, ivory is now a restricted item and so unless it is of a certain type and has proper documentation, it is illegal to sell/buy. We are very strict in following this regulation and do not sell or buy any ivory pieces. 

I have a piece in mind that I don’t see on your website – can you get it for me?

Yes! Please see the section ‘Special Orders’ below!

Why don’t you have as much on your website as you do in your store?

We are a family run store with only three employees that has run on pen and paper for the last 35 years. We are building our website up to mirror our brick and mortar store, but we have to do so between customers. Slowly, but surely, we are adding items almost everyday. That being said, you don’t need to wait to find your perfect item if you don’t see it online! Just send us an email or give us a call and we can send pictures and information directly to you.


A product I want is out of stock. Can you get it for me?

Yes! We can usually find/reproduce any product that you see out of stock on our website. If it is a one of a kind, we can search in Asia for a similar piece, or have a replica made. If it is not, we can likely find the exact or create the exact piece that is no longer in stock. Please see the Special Orders FAQs section to learn more, and contact us!

I would like to send this as a gift – is that possible?

Yes! Please just let us know in the comment section of check out that you are sending the item as a gift and would prefer for there to be no prices included on the receipt. At the moment, we do not offer gift wrapping so please keep this in mind when ordering as a gift. 

Why is the piece I received not exactly like the one in the photo?

Unless you are ordering a truly one of a kind piece, the piece you receive may vary slightly from the piece photoed. Because every piece we have in store is hand made, each piece has a “human touch”. What we mean by this is that while a machine can make the exact same thing time after time, human hands do not have this ability. Thus, each piece is unique and may vary slightly in size/coloring/small features. If you are concerned, you can send us an email and we can picture the exact piece you will be getting so you are not surprised (however, most differences are quite minute, and we will contact you if they are not before shipping to confirm you still want the piece). 

I see a piece I like, but I would like more photos and information to decide if I want to purchase – How can I get that information?

Contact us! Either email us or give us a call and we will gladly send over more detailed information and photos for you.

I feel more comfortable ordering over the phone – Can I call to place my order?

Absolutely! We love talking to people and if you prefer to place orders over the phone, just give us a call during our business hours and we will be happy to help.

I can’t find a piece I saw in your store on the website – how can I order it?

Contact us by email or phone and we will be happy to help you!


Do you accept Layaway?

Yes! If you would like to put an item on layaway, it must be done over the phone. Please call us during our business hours and we can set up a payment plan that spans up to 12 months to fit your needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept most major credit and debit cards via PayPal (you do NOT need to have a PayPal account to check out on our website). If you are ordering with us and would prefer to send a check, please give us a call and we will hold the piece for up to 5 days until your check is received. (Please note, the maximum amount of days we can hold an item(s) is 5, so if your check is not received within 5 days, the piece will be returned to stock. It is strongly advised that you use a two-day registered mail to ensure we receive your check in time). Once the check has been deposited, we will send out your item. We do NOT send out items before receiving and depositing checks. If you prefer to give your credit card over the phone, we can process phone orders any day we are open – please give us a call.

Privacy Statement

AsiaBarong will never share any personal information with any third party. If you are ordering online, we accept credit cards via PayPal to ensure your digital protection. We never store credit card numbers or any other payment information. 

Shipping & Returns

What happens if my piece arrives broken?

Please let us know by email or phone call within three days of your piece’s arrival. We will handle this on a case by case basis and will do everything we can to help! 

What is your return policy?

In most cases we do not take returns. For some rare and special cases, we will accept returns/exchanges. If you would like to request a return, please email us or give us a call. All return/exchange requests MUST be received by email or phone call within three days of your piece’s arrival.  

Can I purchase online and have you hold the piece until I can pick it up?

Yes! Simply select the “In store Pickup” option at checkout. There is no fee for us to hold your piece, however, please double check our store business hours to be sure we will be open. During the winter we are often closed for longer periods of time, so please check our hours before selecting this option.

Why do I have to request shipping quotes for some items?

Typically we send items via UPS or USPS. However, some items, such as large or heavy sculpture and furniture, need to be delivered via furniture delivery service or freight shipping. The costs for these more special types of moves require some more specific information so that we can give you an exact quote for delivery to your home or office. When we use these types of movers, we do not add any cost to the shipping and do not charge for setting up shipping/holding the piece. Depending on your needs, you may specify if you want full service, installation, etc. so you can customize your shipping experience. You may choose to pay the moving company directly upon delivery or add the quoted cost to your bill and our company will pay the movers. We apologize that this system is not yet fully automated, but it also allows for the most accurate price quotes – so there are no pricing surprises! 

What company do you ship with and how soon can I expect my order?

For smaller items, we use UPS or USPS. Pieces are typically shipped within three days of receiving an order, and shipping typically takes less than a week, depending on your proximity to our location. We provide tracking information when available so you can watch your piece as it is on its way! For larger/heavier items, we use either freight trucks or fully-insured furniture moving companies. 

Special Orders

Does it cost to have you look for an item in Asia?

No! It is absolutely free to get a quote and you are not required in anyway to make a purchase. 

What is the process like?

Once we have received your initial request, we will contact you to let you know we have received it and what the time line looks like. When we go over to Asia, we will start the search for the piece/the producer who can make your piece. Once we have the knowledge, we will email you with a price for the piece and we will provide photos of the piece if possible. The price we provide you is a landed cost to our store in Great Barrington, MA, meaning it includes the piece itself, shipping costs, customs fees, etc, however any additional shipping from our store is not included, nor is sales tax, if applicable. Up to this point, the service is all free! Once we send you a quote, it then goes into your hands to let us know if you would like to order the piece or if you want us to keep looking. If you would like to order the piece, we require a half-deposit in the form of a check. Then, its just a waiting game for the piece to be produced and shipped over to our store in the USA. Once it arrives in our store, we will contact you. The balance is due at shipping/pick up.

How can I special order an item?

Just contact us with what you would like! You can either use our “special order form” or just give us a call with the size, material, and description of what you would like. If it is something that you have seen before, pictures are always helpful!

What is a special order?

Special ordering is a service we preform for our clients in which we will produce/find any piece in Asia for them upon request. If there is something that you are looking for that is not in our stock or even if it is not something that has ever existed, we can create it for you. 

    • Some examples of special orders we fulfilled in 2018: 40” tall hand carved wooden Saint Ann, 1.3 miles worth of hand carved wooden panels for walls of a club, thai spirit houses, a stone carved Aztec god, a life-size bronze labradoodle dog. 
    • Think big! Think small! Think new! We can make anything in any motif – it does not necessarily have to be Asian in styling.
    • It is free to get a quote!