AsiaBarong Gift Certificate




Hand carved gift certificate! Please select the denomination you would like to receive before attempting to add to your basket. If the gift certificate is not for you, please make a note to us with the name of the intended recipient.

Please note, buddha in the main photo is not included in gift certificate purchase. The gift certificates are physical items that will be sent to you in the mail. We do not currently offer electronic/print-at-home gift certificates. Although there is no sales tax for the gift certificate, we do charge a flat fee of $6 for shipping.

Payment and use: The gift certificate must be surrendered at the time of use back to AsiaBarong. The value of the gift certificate is the number carved into the front of the piece. Purchases totaling more than the value of the gift certificate must have the balance paid off via credit card or cash at time of purchase. These may be used in person to purchase items at our store If you have a gift certificate and wish to use it for a purchase online, we can accept payment through phone and hold your item until we receive the gift certificate in the mail. Pieces purchased with a gift certificate over the phone will only be shipped after the physical gift certificate arrives at our business.