Indian Temple Hanuman



This Hanuman is captured at the memnet he is presenting the mountain to Lord Rama. In the epic Hindu story, the Ramayana, Rama’s brother Lakshman was wounded in his effort to save Sita. Hanuman was sent out to gather 4 herbs to administer to the wound to save the brother. Hanuman failed to find the herbs on the mountain so instead he picked up the entire mountain and brought it back. It is probable that at one time the sculpture had a second removable triangular depiction of the mountain that nestled in Hanuman’s outstretched hands, but if this is so, the piece has been lost.
Piece is from Uttar Predesh where quite elaborate festivals concerning Hanuman are held. Hanuman kneels atop a two-layered transportable altar table. During festivals he was carried outdoors to the alrge tents set up in front of the Hanuman temples for the recital of prayers. Inside, he is a wood sculpture, atop which is sawdust that creates the essential form (although the wood sculpture itself does have some detail). Atop the sawdust is linen cloth with has been stabilized and painted. Final flourishes are put on with paper and mirrors. His eyes are reverse painted glass inserts. His forward foot has been worn off, presumably from the touches and lips of adoring worshippers. This pieces isnot less than 30 years and not more than a half century old. Due to the materials used and beucase it is actively worshipped, these sort of pieces typically do not last for centuries.

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