Lacquer Pancasikha



Pancasikha is a celestial musician, playing the harp. Pancasikha appeared with God Indra to Buddha whilst he was meditating in a cave. Buddha was very delighted with the music played by Pancasikha. Each of the stanzas played was in praise of Lord Buddha. Buddha went to Nirvana only a couple days after he met the harpist.

This piece is hand carved teak wood, covered in black and red colored lacquer and mirrors. This piece is about 200 years old and was purchased from a Burmese man’s personal collection. ┬áThe piece is brighter than shown in picture – please request additional images by email if interested – we will update website with new photo in time.


  • Height: 43″
  • Width: 16″
  • Depth: 8″

Please contact us to arrange shipping as this piece is delicate.