The WW2 jeep captured by the Japanese, and repatriated by Asiabarong after 66 years should be back on the road for late night barhopping after work by July 4th.

Almost 10,000 new pieces of Asian art from massive doors, dragons, and stonework, to tiny delicate earrings and beaded sandals have arrived this Spring. The massive 10 foot white marble Buddha statue has been moved to the side of route 7. A sandstone gate from India is being erected. The fountains are running. And the people who work at the store are as difficult as ever! More like a museum then ever! Here I am on Railroad street in the fully restored jeep. Interesting I took it to be inspected, the mechanic said, “The break lights don’t work”. I said well I guess you need to fix them before inspecting the jeep”. He replied, “ No need its grandfathered, before any safety laws were in place, in fact you don’t need working seat belts, lights , pollution controls, anything really”, as he put the sticker on. Funny by law I have to have it inspected at all!